Mosaic Adds Color to Your 3D Printed Materials

April 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Over the recent period, we have seen a big jump in the field of 3D printing. Researches are being done by many to come-up with their own innovations in the field, and here’s a Canadian tech start-up who has innovative methods to offer.

Mosaic, the Montreal based tech firm, which part of the recent Canadian resurgence with start-ups, has managed to come up with something unique that opens up the accessibility of 3D printing technology.


Realizing the growing demand of 3D printers in a market that’s turning affordable, Mosaic has introduced Palette, a device that can fill multiple colors into the most common 3D printers, including the cheaper ones.

Bringing in an option to inject colors into your 3D models, Palette extends compatibility to a wide range of printers, and will even support future models. Early interest is also high for the device, which mopped up a funding of C$75,000 ($61,064) since Tuesday in its crowdfunding campaign.

Palette can be filled with up to four colors at a time. The device will have the calculations done by itself for the requirement before fusing the strips to the model, which makes it heavily reliable with various materials like wood, steel and many more.


The device is not the sole option that exists to turn your monochrome printer into a multicolor printing device. However, that would require an addition of calibrated nozzles via hacking, which could eventually test your patience with its print speeds.

Apart from that, Palette also makes sure you don’t require any extra modification due to its universal-akin 1.75mm filament dia.

Palette is now up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it is available for pre-orders at a rate of $899. That may not seem too hefty even if adding the price of a single-color 3D printer.

The mount you pay for a multi-colored printer stands much higher than double the rates of what you spend for Palette and a low-end 3D printer.

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