Twitter Moves ‘Follow’ Barrier for Receiving Direct Messages

April 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

At the time of launch, Twitter’s direct messaging service was thought to be quirky, until we knew about the necessity of following. Now that’s a past story.

Twitter has announced their new direct messaging feature, which will now let users receive message from anyone in the network.

Previously, the direct messages allowed users to send messages to only those accounts which follow you. Similarly, users could only receive messages from those persons whom they follow.


With the new rollout, Twitter makes it sure that a direct message can be received from any account, no matter even if you are not up in their list of followers.

Twitter would also similarly allow users to reply to any of the direct messages you receive, regardless of the ‘following’ factor.

There’s also a new direct message button appearing on the profiles when viewed through iOS and Android apps, which will let users send messages directly to the ones whom you can send messages.

Users won’t be given the option right away, as they would have to tweak the settings for receiving messages from anyone.

The option will be turned off by default, and as long as it remains unchanged, users would still be deprived of receiving messages from someone whom they don’t follow.

Twitter has announced that the new update has been incorporated keeping in mind the ease involved when having one-to-one conversations and group messages, the latter which got the debut this year.

Apart from the messaging services, Twitter has also overhauled their social networking services with the introduction of video editing feature.

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