Nokia Aiming to Rejuvenate Smartphone Business by 2016

April 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Brand Nokia faded away in the shadow of Microsoft Lumia smartphones, as we all know. But it still surely stirs up the mind whenever the name pops up with some news.

And for those who are still in love with the former mobile giant, here’s news that could make your day.

nokia N1

Reports are that the Finnish mobile major is eyeing a return to the smartphone business by mid-2016. Back during the launch of N1 tablet, the developers had revealed their intention to come back to the smartphone business, which although not was not met with any official follow up later. However, rumors now are that they are pursuing the plan aggressively.

The division hoping to bring the brand back to where it used to be is Nokia Technologies, the developers who brought back the fading name with the N1 tablets and Z launcher. As of now, they hold patenting licenses for over 10,000 technologies.

As with their smartphone venture, the company will hold the licenses for the design of hardware, and will have it handed over to tie-up companies for manufacture and sales; a strategy that was executed for the N1 tablet.

Apart from the smartphone industry, Nokia is also said to be having its eyes upon other growing fields like Virtual Reality. However, the company has refused to comment on the rumors.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset department took place previous year, which bagged the licensing and sales rights of the latter until 2016.

The deal has seen Nokia restraining themselves from the sales of any handset until late 2015, while also keeping them barred from licensing until Q3 of 2016.

Recently, Nokia got itself involved in a major deal which led to their acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent for $16.5 billion. The joint operations will be carried out under the brand of Nokia Corporation, which would be dealing with the Internet of things and cloud services.

Apart from these departments, the company will also be working out on 5G technologies, IP& software-defined networking, sensors, and imaging.

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