Microsoft to Bring in Universal Office Suite to Windows Smartphones and Tablets this Month

April 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Windows Phone users are often placed in prime position when it comes to Microsoft products. The kingpin among the perky stuff offered by Microsoft is the Office bundle, which now will be stepping on to the Windows devices in its full form.

Microsoft has announced its new Office pack for the Windows smartphones and tablets, with plans to roll it out to the devices later this month.


The welcome addition is that the new Office has been redesigned to cover almost all the features you come by in the desktop edition; thanks to the universal platform laid out for the Windows 10 edition.

Microsoft’s new apps in its Office suite will be running the same codes for its entire editions. There’s no discrimination between PC and mobile users.

However, one could notice the change in the interface, which is just an approach to tackle down the adaptation issues when switching from larger screens to smaller ones.

Microsoft-Office-MobileThe new apps will have much of its commands pushed down to the bottom on a smartphone device, and that’s to ease your usage with just a single hand. The whole lay-out and commands are spread out on to the screen.

Users of convertible laptops running Windows OS will also have the option of switching between the tablet edition and desktop edition. By default, Windows will prefer the desktop edition if on a device having screen size greater than 10 inches.

The new app kit will also appear as the preview version, which will let you have a sneak peak of the MS Office 2016 edition if you have the Windows 10 technical preview installed.

Microsoft has earlier presented the desktop version of the touch-friendly Office apps. Windows 10 is expected to be rolled out at some point this summer.

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