UP3 from Jawbone Finally Gears Up for release; Shipping to Commence Soon

April 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It may have taken months, but as they say, it is better late than never. Jawbone, the fitness band manufacturers have finally cleared the hurdles for their latest fitness band.

The multi-activity tracking device named UP3 can now finally gaze at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jawbone has announced that shipping of the UP3 units will commence by April 20, following a sequential order as per the pre-orders.


So if you are among the ones who have booked the device counting on its initial release date, your doorbells will be among the first to be rung with a UP3 bundle.

Never mind even if you have placed your orders late, Jawbone assures the complete orders to be processed by the mid of May.

New orders would only be shipped once the company is done with the existing pre-orders.

Jawbone also has not forgotten to put up a few words of apology for the unintended delay for the UP3, which was announced back in November. Alongside, they also thanked the customers for being patient throughout the waiting period.

The company has said that the unit has begun mass-production, and added that the device will be arriving first in the US.

The global release of the device is expected to commence later this year.

Announced back in 2014, the UP3 device dealt with several blows with its mass release, prime of which was due to its failure to meet the quality control demands.

The device was announced to offer a water resistance of up to 10m, which Jawbone failed to materialize even with the countless number of tests.

UP3 will now feature water-resistance similar to the other related devices, offering you normal resistance like splashes, but risky when swimming.

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