Apple New iOS Update Brings in Welcome Changes for iPhone Users

April 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iOS update 8.3 has finally arrived, and we know that was something you all have been waiting for ever since it got teased with the beta launches.

This marks the second biggest entry of this month from the house of Apple; obviously it’s Apple Watch that scored the top honors.

Yet, Apple’s new update doesn’t dip down from the headlines. A whole lot of new additions and revamps have helped it keep up with the expectations, or even above as it seems.


As assured, it does come with plenty of bug fixes that covers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other departments. Also, there’s more to look at what’s better, rather than just having a gaze at what’s new.

The new keyboard layout of the update means Apple might have just managed to bring-in something which the users have been craving for; bigger space so that you do not run into the emos and symbols when looking for some gap between the wordings.

The space bar in Apple has been now stretched, making it a piece of a cake. Tap left of it and you could see the whole new bundle of emojis that even offer customization.

Wi-Fi calling is the next big improvement. Present since the prime version in iOS 8 family, the new ‘Allow Wi-Fi calls’ in the settings permits EE and Sprint users across the UK to switch between Wi-Fi and network calling.

Further additions include the simplification of 2-step Google authentication, alongside letting users to get rid of the passwords for app-downloads.

The update, getting rolled out since the previous Wednesday, has managed to have some good word of mouth publicity. However, it certainly doesn’t come foolproof either.

Several users have started reporting a glitch in the new update after having their Touch IDs getting hindered in App Store.

The devices that have stumbled upon the issue include iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.

But sure we could expect Apple to have a look into that soon, for they might not want to diminish the piling applause.

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