Samsung Bills Galaxy S6 and Edge Variant to Rewrite Records

April 10, 2015, By Alex Badinici

There’s not even 48 hours left from now for the next big Galaxy to arrive in the markets. Analysts and tech-enthusiasts have put up contrasting perspectives as of now, but Samsung believes the latest flagship to surpass all the previous records of its predecessors.

Speaking at a press conference at Seoul, Samsung co-CEO JK Shin expressed the belief that Galaxy S6, along with its Edge variant, would be doing roaring business so as to put its predecessors behind.

samsung s6

He said that the device will go on to be the best-selling smartphone ever from the Galaxy series. His notions with the upcoming device were given the nod of endorsement by Lee Sang-chul, Samsung’s head of strategic marketing.

The device, launched during the initial week of March at MWC, is expected by the company to also cross the milestone of 50 million units.

Currently, Galaxy S4 remains the smartphone that has got its name atop the sales figures for the South Korean company. Released in 2013, Galaxy S4 took the figures to a  new high for Samsung, following the rave reviews it received. Around 40 million units of S4 have been sold as of now.

However, the same didn’t get iterated with the S5 device, which was also criticized for the lack of fresh design concepts. Although with a higher sale than its predecessor in the initial quarter, the S5 lagged way behind S4 with the final numbers, and also with the expected figures.


Taking note from their previous lessons, Samsung has shed the plastic embodiment for its latest flagship venture for an all-aluminium concept.

Samsung’s initial eye was on the 40 million mark, but the grandeur launch of S6 has made them raise the expectation by 10 million units. Although with the bulky expectation, Samsung has hinted that there might be chances for plenty to get disappointed.

They have said that the S6 Edge would only be seeing its sale in limited quantities, citing the difficulty with its manufacturing. Mr. Shin has said that it would be hard to cop up with the demand due to the toil involved in blending the curved, 3D display into a sturdy design.

The pre-orders for the device had commenced across the various markets a week ago, for which the shipping will be commencing on April 10th. So for all those who have got this device pulled in to their basket; happy S6ing time fellows.

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