Cadillac XT5 SUV Coming this November; to be Showcased at LA Show

April 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If everything goes the way as planned, we could be laying our eyes on the next gen SUV from Cadillac this November.

Reports now suggest that the company will be unveiling their SRX SUV, rumored to be named XT5, at the LA Auto Show in November.

The new SRX will highlight on an ‘advanced design and newer technologies’, which together will guide the series to be highly competitive.

The series will be put up as part of the launch of 8 new SUVs by the end of this decade.


The measures for the brand uplift will also throw up various other models, which will include the first ever small car from the luxury car maker.

Apart from the SRX SUV, the rest may have to go through a slighter delay before making it to the markets, as Cadillac doesn’t have plans to launch them in a rush.

Although the best-selling vehicle from Cadillac in America, the SRX series have gone through a decline in the post-2013 period.

The net sale of 53,578 units in the past year depicts a decline of 5.6% from that of 2013.

Even the first quarter sales figures tally to only 12,294 units, marking a dip by 17.5%. The hefty competition from the likes of Audi, Lexus and Acura still remains the main threat despite Cadillac spawning some new models like the recently launched CT6 sedan during the recent years.

Cadillac has not yet revealed the name of its upcoming SUV. However, reports are that it will be XT5, with the XT denoting the Crossover Touring and the number representing the size in the lineup.

Cadillac is also strengthening its hold in the global market. The company is nearing the horizon of opening its new headquarters at New York, alongside which it is eyeing to usher its hold in other markets like Europe and China.

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