LG Keeps Things ‘Simple and Customizable’ with New UX 4.0 UI

April 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Having an Android device as the bedrock OS could mean you may not run into much hitches when dealing with customization. But vendors have a lofty task here; to come out of the rim of Stock Android OS.

It’s often hard to discern the difference in smartphones that falls under similar segments. The affinity of the spec-sheet puts them under the box of same colors, and that’s where vendors play their role with some heavily customized skin atop the Android UI.


But yet they need to be sure that such moves should not add to the complexity so as to test the patience of the users. Some don’t comply with this, some do. LG’s story so far has been keeping in line with the latter.

LG has always focused on the simplicity of UI.  The UX 4.0 UI, announced by LG, wants the users to have the most out of customization, yet by not making it perplexing.

LG’s skin doesn’t bring in much of a refreshed appearance, but coming along with it are certain quirky features to boost utility. One among those is the Quick Shot feature, which will now let users enter camera mode by just tapping the volume down key twice.

Then, there is this Smart Board feature, which brings much of your day-to-day app usage under one hood, be it for listening to music or planning your week with the calendar.

The Calendar app will now have your contacts and events integrated by just the drag and drop option. Minor updates have also been brought to the Gallery, but the one heavily improved appearance is with the new Camera interface, which also brings in some professional editing tools with it.

Altogether, LG has done well to pull out the most of Android’s sheering plus factor, yet without dropping the expectation of a simple interface, keeping the memory less engaged with it.

LG will be rolling out the new interface in near future, and will debut the new UI in the G4 smartphone, which will be launched to the markets by the end of March.

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