Microsoft Announces Asia-Pacific Availability of Surface 3 Tablets, Along with Price-List

April 1, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Users spread across the Asian and Pacific region can now jump in joy if they had been waiting to grab the Surface 3 tablets.

Microsoft has announced that the latest iteration of their Surface tablet range will be made available across some Asian and Pacific countries on the very same day it makes its debut across the US.

Along with the announcement, Microsoft has also shed some light on the pricing at which Surface 3 will be made available across these regions. Two variants of the model will be made available which would come spruced up with awesome RAM and storage specs.

Surface 3

The 2 GB version will come with a storage space of 64GB and is priced at AU$699 in Australia, S$748 in Singapore and NZ$799 in New Zealand.

The higher variant with 4GB RAM will arrive with 128 GB of storage space and will be available for a price of AU$839, NZ$959 and S$898 in the respective countries. Microsoft will make available the Surface 3 through their online stores in these countries.

Apart from the aforementioned countries, the Surface 3 will also be making its debut in Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan where it will be made available at physical stores.

The pricing for the lower and higher RAM variants have been revealed respectively as HK$3,888/ HK$4,688 in Hong Kong; 1,879/ 2,249 Ringgit in Malaysia; 17,400/ 21,400 Thai Baht in Thailand; TW$16,888/ TW$19,888 in Taiwan and 600,000/ 720,000 Korean Won in Korea.

Surface 3 is the smaller package in its tablet range, but arrives without having any heavy drop in the features from its Pro version. The tablet is also the thinnest in the series, measuring just 8.7mm in thickness.

Surface 3 pricing

The device has been guaranteed to run all the apps compatible on Windows OS, which could be downloaded from Windows Stores, Steam as well as GOG. The front and rear cameras also offers Full HD video capture.

Microsoft has also announced the 4G LTE version of the tablet for the US. However, it has not yet mentioned whether they would be brought to the Asia- Pacific region.

The company has also added that the China and Japan release will be announced probably at a later stage.

The Surface 3 tablets will commence its sale on May 5, for which the pre-orders will begin by tomorrow, April 2nd.

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