Amazon Ushers in Push-Button Purchase of Essentials with Dash

April 1, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s a completely truculent brawl out there between the e-commerce vendors. Among them, Amazon has established a name of its own, but would never want to give up its hold to the rest.

And in that process, a new ‘innovation’ has been now put up by Amazon, which although would take up a bit of your time thinking of its essentiality.

Known as Amazon Dash, this tiny device is aimed at making your life go smooth with just a matter of buttons.

amazon dash

Designed to resemble that of a thumb drive, this device comes with a dedicated button, which upon its click would automatically place your orders for some essential items.

Those include daily-use consumables like detergents, toilet papers, juice packs, diapers, moisturizers and much more. You could check out the entire list here.

The orders are placed by making use of your Wi-Fi connection, which would sync with your Amazon account and place the orders when the button is pushed.

There is an adhesive strip on its back which would let you clip it onto any surface. Details like the product to be purchased and the quantity required could be set in the mobile app.

Amazon guarantees worry-free shopping too n case of any misuse of the button-click as only a single order will be placed even if the button is clicked for multiple times.

A message will also be sent to your number, receiving upon which you could cancel the order placed in half an hour’s time.

Ordering your products with just a single click of a button can become ‘convenient’, as claimed by Amazon. But it needs to be sorted out how handling a dedicated button for a single product would be fitting right for the demands of users.

Also, not all Amazon users could avail these buttons. Dash buttons are currently made available only to Amazon Prime users, and also by invitation.

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