Google Drive Will Now Stockpile All Your Image and Video Files from Your Google+ Account

March 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android users might be familiar with the automatic backup of your captured images to Google Drive. Now that’s not just limited to your camera images.

Google has now announced that their online cloud storage feature, Google Drive, will now automatically access and store images and videos linked with your Google+ account.

Launched as part of offering seamless and consistent user experience across Google platforms, the new feature will now have your new Google+ images stashed to Google Drive at the very same instant of its upload.

G+ pix

Images uploaded prior to this feature will be gradually stockpiled in the Drive, which Google says will be done in a time of two weeks.

The files could be managed in the Google Drive now using a new Photos menu, which has been made available for Android, iOS and web platforms.

The sources for the Google+ and Google Drive storage would also remain the same, which means the images would only consume its original size even if being accessed by Drive and Google+.

It also means deletion of the file from Google Drive will strike out the same from Google+, and vice versa.

The initial plan was reported to completely wipeout the image storage from Google+, shifting them to Google Drive. Google still hasn’t given up the plans, although with some saying that the emphasis is to pull out Google+ Photos into a self-centered service.

As of now, users could still access edit and share the images from Google+, although a more organized layout will be offered by the Google Drive.

The new feature is also helpful to those who get their hands involved in the social account just to keep hold of their shared images.

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