Baby Gigl Makes Your Baby Bottles Smart; Pre-Order Now on at Indiegogo

March 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Being smart is not an element of choice anymore, it’s becoming essential.

The term whipped up by mobile technology has now unfurled its arms to embrace almost all of the daily-use products, ranging from your household items to wearable gadgets.

A few years ago, the company called Slow Control came up with a fork that gives you the piece of advice with the rate at which you intake your food.

They are back in the business now to carry out similar tasks, and this time it’s a baby bottle with which they would do the trick.

baby gigl_2

The pouch-like sleeve, named Baby Gigl, could relieve inexperienced parents and caretakers of the task of feeding their babies. Seems a minute task, but there’s more than just regulating the flow with Baby Gigl.

Tilting your bottles vastly can have your baby spit it up with the faster intake. Lay it flat and the baby may just be taking in air. That’s where you will see the Baby Gigl product as a blessing.

Fitting well to the Nuk branded bottles, Baby Gigl will inform you the right angle at which it is to be held with help of light and sound alerts. The angle measurements are dependent on the volume remaining, which is also calculated by this smart device.

That, along with the motion of intake by the baby will have the device calculate the right angle at which it is to be placed, so as to make it a happy feeding time for the babies.

The data is transferred to the Baby Journal app in your smartphone via Bluetooth, which can be turned off in the device so that any radiation worries can be written off during feeding time.

babygigl _1

Data would be stored and will be transferred to the device only when you have the sleeve detached from the bottle. Apart from the data received from the device, you could also manually enter other details like sleep duration, weight, temperature, and medical records of your baby and also keep track of the growth milestones along with a snap.

Up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo, Baby Gigl is now available for pre-order. A pack of two Nuk bottles and a Baby Gigl sleeve is priced for $75. You could check out for more about it here.

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