Xbox One April Update to Usher in Voice Message Feature

March 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Xbox One was meant to be the next-gen console. But when contrasting certain features from its predecessors, it sure brought up some negatives.

Microsoft is finally pulling up a worthy update for Xbox One users, the one they have been craving for, ever since launch.

The new April update for Xbox One will carry forward the voice message feature present in the Xbox 360 consoles to their newer consoles.


Users will now be able to exchange voice messages with both the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One console.

The update will let you send out personal voice messages, and initiate group conversation in a voice chat.

An enhanced Achievement Notification is also included with the update, which also features a new experience with the ‘What’s On’ section. The tests for the same were rolled out during the previous month.

Users who have registered for the Xbox Preview can have an early access to the new voice messaging services, with the members already being allowed to enjoy what’s new in the update.

Group chats would be less hassle-free with the new dedicated servers, which would also ensure the longevity of the chat even when a user deals with network issues.

Microsoft has not yet announced a specific date for the release of their April update.

But with the preview subscribers already grabbing the feature, we could soon expect the update to be rolled out to their current-gen consoles.

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