Smart lock feature in Android Will Now Lock Your Phones Automatically

March 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is bringing an overhaul into the Smart lock feature on Android 5.0 OS to make it even smarter.

The new feature in the smart lock feature will have your device locked and unlocked for you when keeping it on and off your hands.

Google hasn’t mentioned of any announcement regarding the matter. However, the feature is reported to have been rolled out to some of the Android 5.0 running devices like Nexus devices since Friday.

lockTermed ‘On-body Detection’, Google’s smart lock feature uses devices’ accelerometers to detect whether it’s on the hands of the user or not.

The same locks the device upon placing inside your pockets or putting it off your hands, also automatically unlocking your device when pulling it off from your pocket (thanks to the motion accompanied).

The feature is besides the previously used face-recognition lock feature and the trusted-place lock feature, which keeps your smartphone unlocked when entering specified trusted places including home or office, depending on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.

Users would however have to unlock the device for the first time upon entering these trusted places.

Similarly, the new on-body detection feature also requires the user to enter a pass-code for the first time it is used, following which the device would remain unlocked until it is placed down.

However, the device will also remain unlocked even if handed by anyone else. We don’t have any biometric feature here to recognize whether it is handled by the owner of the device or not.

For that, we would still have to rely upon the face recognition feature. It’s expected that Google will be rolling out the feature to the remaining devices soon.

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