Talking Barbie Seen as Creepy; Privacy Concerns Voiced

March 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your Barbie doll is given a form of life with a talk back service? The makers of the fashion dolls are now coming up with a feature. So it’s now time to say ‘Hello Barbie’.

Barbie adorers may certainly be pumped up, but not all nurse similar views for the talk back toy that would be hitting stores later this year for $74.99. A certain advocacy group believes that the new innovation could be so creepy that t could bring harm to your family.

The hate for the toy comes for the the way in which the upcoming Talking Barbie dolls would provide the interactive responses. Barbie’s talking feature is not something that simply records your voice to be re-played in another voice.

talking barbie

Instead, a push on the button would actually record your voice and send it over to the cloud via Wi-Fi for being more interactive. That means conversations of your child and family would be eavesdropped by this toy.

Susan Linn, the director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, says the such a threat should be looked into by the makers who are only looking at the financial side with these toys. She has said the Hello Barbie feature would be ‘creepy’ and that it can put the children and family to peril.

However, manufacturers Mattel has vowed to ensure safety. They have said that the Hello Barbie does heed to the standards set by the government, as well as Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. They have also given a word of assurance that the data may not be having any false or unauthorized usage.

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