New Android Update Turns Your Phone into a Useless Piece in Case of Theft

March 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not long ago, we had reports that bragged of the huge success of Apple’s Activation Lock feature. The number of stolen iPhones in cities like London and New York witnessed a dip with this new anti-theft feature.

And it’s never been habitual that their rivals will stand muted to this. Google, the leading rival of the iOS products, has now come up with their take on the anti-theft feature from Apple.

Google has just announced their prime update to the latest iteration of the Android OS. And as expected, Google has triggered a new device lock feature named ‘Device Protection’ to the devices that will run Android 5.1.

android update 1Device Protection is pretty similar to that offered by its rivals. While Activation Lock demands the submission of your Apple ID to unlock the device, Google devices will be requiring your Google Account. The device will stay locked unless and until you submit the required, with which even a factory reset may not be coming handy.

Android users have been longing for such an ant-theft feature from Google for quite a time. Previously, Google offered the device manager services for tracking down your stolen phone, which would no longer list your device if signed in using another ID.

Many of the users have been demanding a feature that would automatically send an email to the account of the owner, if signed in using another account.

android update

Google’s new anti-theft feature may not lend you a helping hand to track down your device if stolen. However, it can still cause a cut in the number of phones being stolen, as it was evident with the success of Activation Lock feature with Apple.

The new update will also be featuring other improvements like high-definition voice calling, Bluetooth device control through the Quick Settings menu, SIM card switching on multi-SIM devices and the like.

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