Comcast Draws Public Ire for Hurling Abusive Language at Former Customer

February 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cable provider Comcast has not been the best when it comes to customer relations. They have been vastly criticized for their unsatisfactory customer service on earlier occasions too.

The company has dived even deeper of late. Recent news hints at how Comcast has done the undoable with a customer.

Ricardo Brown, a former subscriber to Comcast, was handed over with a final bill demanding to settle unpaid dues. And when he received his bill, Brown found that his name has been re-addressed as ‘Asshole Brown’ by the customer service department of the mass media company.


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A snap of the bill was posted online by customer service blogger Christopher Elliot, following which an online outrage has been directed against Comcast and their frequently criticized customer relation services.

This is not the sole incident of customer abuse as Elliot has also posted some other such abusive language that had come about earlier.

Steve Kipp, Vice President of Comcast communication department, sent out an immediate apology. Lifting the cancellation fee of Ricardo, he also said that the Comcast employee responsible for the abusive act will be fired with no second thoughts once he is identified.

The issue with customer relations has also been highlighted in a recent press release by Charlie Herrin, senior VP of customer experience at Comcast.

He has said that the company needs to treat their customers with the respect they deserve, and that their customer interactions must reflect the company culture, which stands for respect.

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