Super Mario Turns Hyper Responsive with AI Induced by Researchers

January 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember the days when you got frustratingly addicted to the classy Mario’s efforts to rescue the Princess? Gone will be those days as Mario may not entirely depend on your control to rescue the princess from evil forces.

Scientists in Germany are now making the classy video game character a subject of Artificial Intelligence.

Cognitive modeling researchers at the University of Tübingen in Germany are now making Mario responsive to human voices as well as the game environment, with the aid of Carnegie Mellon’s speech-recognition toolkit.



‘Mario Lives! An Adaptive Learning AI Approach for Generating a Living and Conversing Mario Agent’ program has been one among the entries at the annual AAAI Video Competition. The video shows Mario responding to human voices in a voice that has been tuned to match with that of German English.

The developers of this AI have claimed the character to be aware of the environment to a certain extent. Like one could have a casual talk with Mario to know what his mood is, or how he feels after having a bit of chit chat.

You could also guide Mario to kill his enemies with just voice controls that needn’t essentially be orders. Speak of Goomba and Mario will start his endeavor to find one. Just light up his brain by informing him of the fact that a jump on its head would kill it and Mario would jump to slay Goomba.

The information will be stored in your Mario’s brain for setting his journey by his own. His hunger rate would make him fetch the coins by himself. The environment can be left to be learned himself, like for knowing the pop-ups when hitting the star bricks.

The video has been up in the competition whose winners will be announced on January 27th. You could contribute to the success of the new Mario AI by placing your votes for the video, as winners would be announced based on the likes obtained by the video.

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