Money Saver, Yet Privacy a Concern; Microsoft Survey Covers Pros and Cons of Personal Technology

January 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has come up with their annual survey to know more how personal technology has been affecting people’s lives.

While it has been widely accepted that personal tech measures have been more of a boon than a curse, a major share had their say against tech stuff when it came to privacy issues.

The study titled ‘Views from Around the Globe: 2nd Annual Poll on How Personal Technology Is Changing Our Lives’ never had the line drawn between developed and developing nations. It covered the opinions of 12,002 internet users from various countries, including South Africa, Brazil, China, Russia, US, India and others.

The views on the impact of personal technology on various matters remained the same, except for a few. The one that needs to be highlighted was the role played by the modern technology in the privacy of users.

survey(Please click on image for larger view)

It was almost a unanimous reply from the developed countries like the US, Japan and Germany, however the impact drew mixed responses from across the developing markets. Among them, India stood as the sole market in which a say on the positive impact became the majority opinion.

The rest believed that personal technology essentially pulled them backwards with its privacy impact. The opinion was that it must cover the consent of the user, rather than just from the authorities, for having access of their personal data on the internet. The opinion also grabbed a stronghold with a 5% rise in those who support the negative impact opinion from the previous year.

But if privacy concerns are set aside, the modern day technology holds no concern. Of all, the one that proved beneficial for most of the users is its usefulness in finding out the cheaper product over the internet, with over 74% of the users believing it to be helpful in saving money.

Business innovations, education, productivity, quality of life and transportation have been considered to be the other major areas in which personal technology has played a big-companion role. Also finding the big role are areas like literacy, fitness, health and arts.

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