Amazon Japan Website has a Humanoid Buddy Waiting to be Picked Up

January 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Having million dollar cash can always be quite a problem. If you belong to the category of people who own loads of cash, you are in for something exciting!

Okay, this is an amusing option for you in fact. If you have that amount of money stacked away in your lockers, you will be able to bring home something you would have dreamt of acquiring during  your childhood.

All you need to do is to head for the Amazon Japanese website and search for Kuratas, which certainly would make you spellbound.

Kuratas is a mountable humanoid robot, probably the first of its kind to be sold out on an e-commerce platform. Suidobashi Heavy Industries are the ones behind this giant mechanical being and as of now, only one such robot is available for sale on the website.


Still thinking of what it could do for you? You may then want to recall some scenes from James Cameroon’s Avatar. Remember the ‘Mecha’ that Stephen Lang rides? Well this large humanoid is indeed quite similar to that.But make sure you wont use it for mass destruction as they do in the movie.

The lower part is fitted with a larger tripod that comes with wheels that sets it in motion. And up the waist, you will be offered an exact human-mountable robot which will swing to your tunes. This gigantic stuff can move around at a speed of 6 miles an hour.

The Kuratas robot is available only as a starter kit; which means, you would have to flush out even more to grab the extra fittings that would make the humanoid work the way you want.

They include a  mechanical arm and also some cool additions like dual Gatling BB guns or a water balloon rocket launcher; all whose prices are not yet disclosed.

We are not sure whether there would be more of these humanoids incase the single unit gets grabbed by someone. One million could certainly grab you anything else, but does anything else count when thinking of having a humanoid robot walk along side you down your street?

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