Lumoid Will Let You Try Out Your Favorite Wearables before You Decide to Buy Them

January 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Automotives are seldom purchased sans a test drive. That’s not the case in the wearable technology scene, however.

We often tend to go only behind the specs and the design, and sometimes go by the reviews. But have we ever thought of giving it a trial run before confirming our final choice from a bunch of favorite picks?

A minute-long session with the wearables at showrooms or expos certainly couldn’t be termed as trials. We need at least a whole day, or may be an entire week, to know how useful a wearable can be for us.

It now looks like someone has sure read our minds. Lumoid, the tech-startup based in San Francisco, will be handing you the fitness tracking devices you pick from the list, so that you could have a weeklong trial to come up with the final decision of whether to purchase or not.


The service is being offered for a price of $20, for which you could select up to five wearable devices from the list in their website .

The selected devices will be sent to you, which can be tried by you for a period of seven days.  Post-seven days, buyers can either purchase a device out of the tried ones or can return all of the devices. However, the $20 fee for trial won’t be refunded if you decide against buying them.

Lumoid’s array of fitness tracking devices covers a whole bunch. Popular ones like Fitbit One, Jawbone UP24 and Withings Pulse 02 are available on Lumoid. Users could also have a trial of smartwatches like Pebble, Samsung Gear Fit and the like.

The startup was initially launched with an initiative to facilitate the renting of image based gears. Later they got it expanded with the addition of wearable gears.

The website includes a whole bunch of devices, including camera bodies, lenses, kits, accessories and much more, that can be rented on a daily basis.

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