Smuggler Act Goes in Vain; Officials Arrest a Guy with 94 iPhones Strapped around his Body

January 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We often find it hard to carry two smartphones at a time. But smugglers in China are way ahead in this business.  A recent incident which happened at Futian Port, the main gateway of entry to the mainland stands testimony to this fact.

Sina has reported that a man has been arrested for smuggling 94 iPhones into the country, by sticking the smartphones around his body. The guy was arrested by the customs officials after noticing the guy’s unusual walking steps.

Seeming like a normal immigrant, this guy arrived from Hong Kong with just a couple of shopping bags. However, the officials took into notice of his firm gait.


The guy was set off in the metal detector, following which he was taken for being stripped down. Adhered to his body, like a body-armor, were 94 iPhones, which the guy tried to smuggle from Hong Kong to China.

China has been adopting strict measures to check the illegal flow of iPhones to the mainland, specifically after the release of iPhone 6 last year. Thousands if iPhones have been previously caught when being tried to be smuggled to the country.

It doesn’t require to be specified that the officials deserve praise for their act. But with the recent act, it’s hard even to resist to  from applauding the guy for the risk he took. But then, an act of crime is to be punished.

Doesn’t it involve a whole lot of splendid thoughts to make a body-armor made of around 100 iPhones?

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