Savor 4K Videos from Up the Sky with New DJI Inspire One Camera-Drone

November 18, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

DJI is certainly aiming to redefine the term ‘cool’ when it comes to quadcopters. Indeed they have spawned some flying drones that have been robust, but nothing would come anywhere close to the new DJI Inspire One.

With this new quadcopter, the visuals would be stunning like never before. That’s what it guarantees the least when sticking a high-resolution camera to its belt that can capture videos at 4K resolution, thanks to the Sony EXMOR 1/2.3-inch type sensor that packs an f/2.8 20mm equivalent lens.

That’s certainly the first time you have videos of such high resolution captured from drones.


Another spec that’s hard to beat is the viewing range of its camera. Inspire One offers capturing on a 360 degree scale of rotation and also can be tilted up to 125 degrees.

It features a carbon-fiber arm that lifts and lowers by itself when landing and maneuvering which gives an unobstructed field view for your visuals.

The three-axis gimbal is somewhat similar to that of in Vision+ with its construction, but gets the cutting edge with its easy removability, so as to be upgraded in future.

It also features the DJI’s Lightbridge feature in its controller for streaming the videos on to your iOS or Android devices.

Eighteen minutes is how long Inspire One would be flying on its wings if recording on 4K resolutions on full charge.

Power remaining can be displayed on your iOS/Android devices by means of the new app, which can also be used to make the drone return to its launch stations when running out of power.

It’s also not necessary that the drones land from where it took off, as Inspire One can be brought back to where you are regardless of from where it has taken off.

DJI Inspire One carries a price tag of $2899, which is the cost of a drone and a controller. There is also this two-controller version being made available which costs $500 extra.

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