Roost Smart Battery will Turn Your Smoke Detectors More Discerning

November 17, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Home automation technologies have been thriving in this smart age and gadgets are competing with each other to look smarter than the rest. Speak of smoke detectors and smartness is overshadowed by concerns.

Smoke detectors pack in batteries that last for one year, which may not be too menacing for users.

But the predicament arises when your smoke detectors make that loud nose, indicating battery wear-out.

Both concerns can now be put to rest if you opt for this new smart battery, Roost, which arrives with Wi-Fi connectivity.


This new smart battery may blow your mind with the life it offers. Roost batteries could keep your smoke detectors ticking for five years! But the USP of this battery is its app integration over Wi-Fi.

The handy app that comes with the battery will beep the exact moment your smoke detectors activate, even if you are miles away from home.

Never be concerned about the howling alarm as this app gives you low-battery warning weeks in advance. It also gives you a one-touch access to emergency numbers.


Retrofitting your home automation, however, doesn’t come cheap. Currently being crowd-funded in Kickstarter, Roost smart batteries are priced at $35.

But seems trivial for the ’power-concerned’ as the campaign has already raised more than $35K, closing in on its $50K target with 35 days left. Shipping of the product is expected to commence in June 2015.

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