PlayStation Celebrates 20-Year-Long Journey with a Montage Video

November 17, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have moved forward in the gaming world riding the next gen consoles like PS4, but have we wondered since when have Sony’s devices been our gaming companion? It may take a while to guess.

It’s been almost twenty years since the first ever PlayStation arrived on this planet to shatter the age old concepts of gaming. And it’s indeed a joyous mood among the lads at Sony as they are gearing up to commemorate its success spanning over two decades.

In order to mark the twentieth anniversary of the world’s most enjoyed console on December 3rd, Sony has released a two-minute video on the history of PlayStation.


It can be expected that the celebrations may last more than six months as September 2015 is the twentieth anniversary of PlayStation in the US. That certainly calls for a bunch of celebrations starting this December.

PlayStation was released in 1994 and sold more than 100 million units in about a decade. Its successor, PlayStation 2, has been the biggest hit till date with around 155 million units sold out since its launch in 2000.

While PlayStation 3 sold around 80 million units, PS4, the next gen gaming console, shattered further records by being the fastest selling console in its history. PS4 sold one million units in less than 24 hours on its launch day.

The video also cites the evolution of Sony’s handheld console PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.

While the former ended its sales with figures standing at around 80 million units, PS Vita has had sales of 4 million units since its launch in 2011.

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