Apple Pursues Sapphire Display Initiative Despite Parting Ways with Long Term Partner GTAT

October 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tech titans Apple are yet again into launching themselves into the limelight. But this time around, the company is taking a drift from any of its gadget launches. The Cupertino-based tech behemoth is now parting way with GT Advanced Technologies, with whom the company had been tied to nurture the sapphire glass display aspirations.

The settlement reached between the companies will have GTAT ceasing their involvement in the raw production of Sapphire glass displays and will be laying focus on the supply of raw materials required for production from now on. GTAT will also be repaying the mammoth amount invested by Apple for the supply of sapphire displays.

Earlier on October 11, GTAT filed for a bankruptcy protection which hinted at the drifting of the two.


The filing clearly indicated the sapphire displays to show up nowhere in the near vicinity. The companies however are keeping silence over the parting of ways.

Sapphire display has been bragged by Apple for quite a long time and it is quite unlikely they would relinquish their big aspirations. Apple has mentioned the same before.

After having the bankruptcy being filed, Apple explained that they will be having a deeper evaluation of the scenario and will be open to alternatives for sapphire display production. Rumors are that Apple would also be incorporating the GTAT employees to pursue the works for sapphire display.

The tech world however assumes the duo to share a bond for the process of exchanging ideas. It remains to be seen whether GTAT would have their materials supplied to its former partner.

If that happens, we could sure conclude that Apple still holding its aspiration aloft to work with GTAT in the future.

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