Panasonic Just Shrunk the Battery; CG-320 is the Smallest of Them All

October 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Everything gets bigger in this era of smart gadgets, but not the batteries. While smartphones and smart TVs are just getting bigger every passing day, the survival theory just reverses in the case of batteries.

It’s Panasonic that has now come up with a battery that appears like it has undergone Wayne Szalinski’s shrink ray experiment.

CG-320 is the smallest of rechargeable lithium ion batteries from Panasonic that takes its form in a cylindrical shape. Measuring 20 x 3.5 mm, the new tiny battery is intended to power up wearables; that makes sense for the battery capacity which is 13 mAh.

panasonic-tiny battery

Designed specifically for wearable gadget like eyewear, CG-320 is built with an exterior casing of stainless steel that makes it resistant to swelling.

Weighing only 0.6 grams, this tiny battery delivers a nominal voltage of 3.75 volts and a maximum charging voltage of 4.2 volts.

There has been compromise in its size but the battery claims to deliver what it takes for connectivity features in the devices.

The spiral electrode construction inside enables higher power output when compared with its size. Panasonic says the battery could power well enough for technologies like Bluetooth and NFC within the gadget.

Panasonic has not listed the specific devices that the new battery would work with. But looking into the near future, we need to expect that electronic pens, hearing aids, measuring devices and other similar gadgets could all find the right use by incorporating the CG-320.

February 2015 is the month scheduled for mass production and shipment of the device with around hundred thousand units set as the target for monthly production. CG-320 will also be displayed at CEATEC Japan, an exhibition for IT & electronics, this week at the Makuhari Messe convention center.

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