Samsung Revolutionary Mobile Display Tech to Bring in Three-Face Screen

August 12, 2014, By Daniel Rapcencu

As you already know, the launch of Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy S5 had led the way to an outbreak of criticisms. Among the made ridicule it had to face, it was also alleged that it came with an out of date appearance and that it resembled older versions.

Since then, Samsung has been keen to go about bringing in a redesigned look for its future smartphones.

If the recent rumors are to believed, we need to say the company has taken a massive step ahead in bringing out the change. A new revolutionary 3-face screen is supposed to be under development underneath the roofs of Samsung in its home country.

It’s not any display offering a three-split view, but a single display that makes it appear as if it wraps around the edges.


No further details of the display have come to light as of now. But the sideways display if brought in is sure to be the most innovative technology in recent times in the mobile display arena.

After  the recent launch of curved TVs, Samsung is pushing the limits to bring out seemingly outward curved displays to the mobile displays.

One of the main challenges the company could face is from the production arena of the plastic OLEDs, which seem to form up the 3-face display.

Until the Korean manufacturers come up with alternatives that could prove effective on a global basis, production and consumption would need to be confined to its homeland.

Recently Samsung had been under the limelight for bringing up flexible displays. Let’s now look forward to the 3 way displays.

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