After Xiaomi Mi3 Launch, Moto G Prices Slashed By Rs 2,000 in India

August 4, 2014, By S Ranjita

Keeping an eye on the competition, Motorola India has reduced the price of the much popular smartphone Moto G by Rs 2,000 in India. With the current slashing in the price, Moto G will now cost Rs 10,499 for the 8 GB variant, while the 16GB variant can now be purchased at Rs 11,999.

While e-retailer Flipkart has claimed that the reduction is for limited time and stocks, market experts believe the price has been offered to cope up with the launch of Xiaomi Mi3.

'apple' xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi, often called the “Apple” of China, had recently launched its new phone Mi3 exclusively via Flipkart to a thunderous response. Buy Mi3 on Flipkart here.

For a price of Rs 13,999, Mi3 packs in much more specs and features, which has probably led Motorola tackle the competition through price cut.

Buy Moto G on FlipKart here.

In fact, Xiaomi Mi3 brings in many features, including camera, which are strictly available in the range of 20k to 28k in India. The first lot of the smartphone was sold out of Flipkart in a record 39 minutes.

Moto G

Although there is no denying that Moto G is a well designed and planned mid-range smartphone in the Indian market, Mi3 is likely to dent its sales for its better features.

It remains to be seen on how Moto G gets its due in the coming months, but with the price cut, the sales are bound to increase, given Motorola is a known name in the market. Add to that, the reports and reviews on Xiaomi Mi3 is yet to be checked by many in detail.

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