Keep Water Flowing on the Go with the SpaTap

June 7, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A hot sunny day can be so irksome, right? On such days, it is quite natural that you wish for a shower or at least a tap that provides you with gallons of fresh water.

But then, when you are out in the sun, it becomes tough for you to eve wish for a drop. It is for those circumstances that Stuart Mason has come up with an idea called SpaTap.

SpaTap is nothing but a pocket sized eco friendly device that can be attached to any bottle filled with water to produce water saving, flow controllable tap or shower.

The project began when Stuart noticed a bottle of hot water left inside his car. He thought of delivering this free hot water, and thus he finally designed SpaTap, which is ultimately eco-friendly too.


Eco Friendly because, SpaTap definitely saves water. SpaTap recycles/upcycles plastic bottles, leaves bottle in the sun for a hot wash and it is made from medical grade silicone that is fully recyclable and thus saves electricity too.

Mobility is one big plus in this fast paced generation. SpaTap gives you just that.

Anywhere anytime, all you would need is bottle filled with water and you’ll have a tap. Some applications of SpaTap include Hand washing / Showering, Water Saving, First Aid / Hydration / Cooling Heat Stress, Emergency relief and such.

The SpaTapcome s handy while you are on a Camping / Caravan / Festival trip or when you are in a car .


We all are aware of how plastic bottles pollute our environment. With the use of SpaTap, the world is promised of a better or rather a safer future.

The very upcycling of plastic makes a huge difference. A healthier, safer and hygienic tap, anywhere anytime.

A look into the future, it seems. Part of a Kickstarter campaign at the moment, you can get to know more about it here. 

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