Fastest Lift Coming Up at the Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre; 0 to 95th Floor at 72km/h Speed

April 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How fast can an elevator be? There is a limit to your imagination, right? But then we now see innovation breaking all speeds and imagination, and yes it is happening in the far east.

A skyscraper in Guangzhou, southern China , will soon see a lift being installed that would touch speeds of 72km/h (45mph). The new fast elevator has been conceived and developed by none other than Hitachi.

According to what the company believes, the  lift will be the fastest in the world. By fast  we mean it would take just 43 seconds to go from the first to 95th floor. The lift is being built  in the Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre. As per plan, the construction of the skyscraper would be over by 2016.


Significant about the new upcoming lift would the fact that it would offer a comfortable ride even at blazing fast speeds.  Further, no one who uses the lift would experience ear blockages too as Hitachi is bringing in methods of artificially changing the air pressure inside.

Now, that dismisses concerns of such uncomfortable situations that are feared in such fast and high elevators.  The concern will be addressed by Hitachi with the installation of guiding rollers which would adapt to warping caused by wind pressure, and thereby keeping it smooth.

Also, in case of a malfunction, the brakes that are part of the lift would get themselves activated and Hitachi will make sure that these brakes would resist extreme heat.

The Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre skyscraper will put to use as many as 95 lifts, and among them two will be those with ultra speed capabilities. The building when complete will be home to offices, hotels and residential apartments.

Taiwan lift

The Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre  high speed lifts will eclipse the current fastest lift used in the Taipei 101 building in Taiwan. This one boasts speeds of up to 60.6km/h.

Wouldn’t you want to step into this one?

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