Know What Your Next Apple iPhone Would Look Like

April 23, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s true that you may have to wait impatiently for September to dawn so that you can get the first glimpse of the next iteration of the iPhone.  

But then there isn’t any end to leaks and rumors  on Apple’s upcoming device. Over the past few days we have been seeing much info on the new iDevice filling up headline space.

All these rumors point to one common factor, which, indeed is, inspiring to say the least.  All the rumor mongers out there have been sitting pretty after letting out the possible fact that the Apple iPhone 6 will come unto us sporting 4.7 inches of screen real estate.

Apple-iPhone-6-concept (1)

Speculations on a 4.7-inch display stem from schematics, drawing s, cases and form factor. As if cementing the rumors, folks at French publication NoWhereElse  have come up with a concept of how the phone will probably look like.

What they have visualized  is set of drawings and images that make the iPhone 6 concept rush out into the open for public discussion. Going by what we see, a bunch of images indeed draws up the Apple iPhone 6 in its possible form.

The iPhone 6 has been conceptualized as a device that sports edge-to-edge display, with minimal side bezels. That also brings to light the size of the device, which comes across as a slightly smaller variant of the predecessor iPhone 5s. The smaller bezels mean that the screen is bigger indeed.

What we also get to infer is that the device would come with smoother, and curvier edges.  The form factor also comes to light with the rig sporting a 20 percent thinner body than the slim 5s device.

The conceptualization is done to make the iPhone 6 probably look like a single toned device , and that means Apple could do away with the two-tone design. Further, missing is the plastic cap on the top and bottom.


These are just part of a visualization, though. We never know what Apple actually has in store for the iPhone hungry market. We will have to wait to know about that and only after the launch would we get to know what exactly the rig looks like.

All said the visualisation looks good. If the real device comes sporting all these, the new iteration of the Apple iPhone could generate loads of interest.

But then, tell us if you would really want all these changes incorporated in your next device made by the folks at Cupertino. Feel free to talk to us about it in the comments space provided right down there.

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