Hide Your Personal Stuff in the Samsung Galaxy S5; Here’s How

April 23, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Your phone is personal.  It hides within itself so many of your personal stuff, that is.  You have always wanted to keep them away from public domain too.

It is only natural that you save your personal pictures, videos and other stuff in some folder of your phone. But chances are someone could see them when you do not want them to. So how do you hide them?

If you own the new Samsung Galaxy S5, the company has offered a few options. But then, you need to know how to hide them effectively. Here’s how !


You can go about doing that by following a few steps, which we will tell you. First you need to  turn on the Private Mode to get things started. Wondering how to turn on the Private Mode? All you need to do is to go to the Quick Settings bar by pulling down the notification tray with two fingers.

Apart from this, you can also turn the Private Mode by opening Settings, and then click on Device. You will then have to scroll down   to get the Personalization subsection. Once you are there, tap Private Mode and you are done.

After the Private Mode is turned on, your S5 will ask you to prove your identity.  You can do that either  by setting up a password or by getting your fingerprint scanner on so that you just have to swipe and prove you are the owner.

Now is the time to put all those personal stuff under lock and key mode. For this, go to the photo gallery, press Menu and Select. Pick the pictures you want to hide  and then tap Menu again. You will get an option that says Move to Private. Do that.


A new gallery folder will thereby be created which will be marked Private. You will ensure that it indeed is private as you will get to see a lock icon on the folder.

Once you have done this, go back to Settings and turn Private Mode off. This will make the Private folder invisible to others.

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