Want to Make Your Computer Run Faster? Try These Tips

April 22, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Owning a computer comes with loads of advantages. But then, that doesn’t mean a handful disadvantages too wouldn’t stop by your terminal.

Whenever you managed to get a brand new computer, you have exclaimed about the speed it offered and always have fallen in love with the way it worked.  But in the course of a few years down the line, you might have started hating the rig just because it went suddenly slow.

Why blame the computer when you can make it run faster? Want to know how? Read on:

Restoring speed and productivity needs some of your time. These steps would help you make your old computer look like modern day stuff in terms of productivity.

ccleaner computer

The first task you need to do is to add memory.  Enhancing RAM is indeed the best way to spruce up your computer. Significant is the fact that adding memory doesn’t make you spend lots.

Adding memory comes as easy as child’s play as you can do it in a jiffy.  Try out Crucial.com’s free tool that would help you know how much memory your computer would need to run faster.  Purchasing the required RAM can be done after that, and you can get what you want from Crucial or Amazon for cheap.

Another way to make your machine faster is to clear all junk. If you take a look inside, you will be surprised to know your computer stores much more stuff than you actually use on a daily basis.  You need to clear all the clutter.

You might be familiar with CCleaner that is so effective on Windows. There are other apps too that would help you go about doing the cleaning up.  If your machine runs OS X, try Daisy Disk.

Also, make sure there are minimum start-up items on your computer.  Unnecessary start-up items need to be dumped. Use of CCleaner helps here too if you are a Windows user. For those who swear by Mac can g to System Preferences and do the needful.

These are just a few ways to help your machine go faster. If you have suggestions, you are welcome.

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