Wearable Devices to See Good Leap in 2014 if They Offer the Best Services

January 3, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearable devices  had arrived majorly during 2013. And, with 2014 now having dawned, it looks like the novices are soon going to assume professional levels. The manner in which the wearable gadgets have flooded the 2013 scene has been phenomenal.

But then many buyers weren’t so very brave enough to spend their hard earned money on such devices unless they prove themselves.

Taking this cue, manufacturers have begun honing up their tech skills to bring to the market polished, professional rigs that would do the wearables scene proud.


So, what we need to expect during 2014 are devices that bring to the customer excellent benefits and pride.

Year 2013 in fact saw many devices in the wearable category coming to retail shelves. From smart watches to glasses to fitness trackers to medical equipment, many had flowed in to lure the customer.

They had arrived in a variety of sizes shapes and sported different price tags. But then the year was not witness to the rush for such devices, as many thought they were just novices trying to prove a point.


Among smartwatches, Pebble holds prime position when compared with others of its ilk. We hear Pebble smart watches will this year offer a variety of apps, and that is a good sign of how things are changing for the better.

In case you aren’t aware, smartwatch apps can prove to be a more convenient platform for such devices to perform well.

Adding competition to Pebble are companies like Samsung (Gear) and Qualcomm (Toq). Thee apart Google will also come up with its “Gem” watch.


Moving over to the Fitness tracker terrain, we have seen Apple and Google making good strides in the arena. This year might see much more of such devices making their foray.

Once these devices tackle issues like battery life and syncing they will find buyers. Rigs of the likes of FitBit, Jawbone, and Misfit have proved themselves capable, but we need to see how they offer the best in terms of comfort and performance.

Let’s wait to know.


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