Hydrobee Charges Your Gadgets with Water

November 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is something interesting doing rounds at Kickstarter, something which will be a dream come true as far as trekkers and travelers are concerned.

It is a water-powered charger! Something to help you out in the wilderness, to get lost in nature, and to be connected even when you are out in the wild.

Hydrobee, will soon be a reality if the campaign gains enough funding from Kickstarter.

Hydrobee will generate electricity from any place where there is running water.


It is a floating arrow-shaped structure, which will be a foot long. It also comes equipped with a propeller which is not to generate thrust.

Hydrobee works on a turbine battery that when plugged in gets charged with the help of the spinning propeller.

You can also charge things such as GPS device and flashlights by taking the battery out and plugging it to the USB port.

So if you are indeed camping near to a stream Hydrobee will charge your batteries with more efficiency than a hand-crank and solar chargers.

You can also Hydrobee indoors too, all you have to do is to attach it to a faucet or hose and get some water motion. This could even help you during power outages.

The prototype can be picked up with just a $78 donation to their campaign on Kickstarter. Another version without the floating portion is available for $49.

If all goes well, Hydrobee will be available in the markets by March 2014.

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