Watch the Earth From Up Above; Go on a Balloon Ride for $75,000

October 26, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you have $75,000 to spare? Well, if you are that rich, you need to spend the amount on something unique, right?

Okay, here’s the deal.  A $75,000 per ticket will soon be offered for those wealthy adventurists among you so as to let you go on a balloon ride to nearly 100,000 feet into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Bringing the offer to you is World View Enterprises. The Federal Aviation Administration has already granted approval to the company for this lofty adventure trip.


So, for $75,000 what do you stand to gain? According to a report, World View’s Experience voyage will gift you a smooth 90-minute ride to an altitude of approximately 30km.

The travel capsule is in fact a luxuriously appointed space-qualified capsule inside which you will be able to look at the earth from up above.

After the capsule takes flight and is ready to return back to the Earth, it would stay put at a height of 30 km up for around six hours in the atmosphere before it starts its journey back.  The return journey would take around 20 to 40 minutes, we hear.

World View CEO Jane Poynter has been quoted in a report  as saying that the ‘edge of space’ voyage would bring to passengers “a newfound understanding of humanity, and open a whole new realm for scientific endeavors”.


The price factor may be a put off for many, but for those who can afford it is going to be an experience of a lifetime.  It is expected that watching the earth from up above will aid travelers to know more about the human connection with the Earth they inhabit.

World View believes that the adventure will also help in throwing open the door towards more scientific research and education.

Designed and developed by Paragon Space Development Corporation, the travel capsule can accommodate up to eight passengers. The passengers once inside will be protected from the “near-vacuum, radiation, micrometeoroid, and extreme thermal environment of outer space”. So says the FAA’s approval document, which you can read here.

Passengers will not face any hassle in terms of normal breathing. A thermal control system will also be incorporated.

The capsule will be lifted off by a large polyethylene helium balloon from the launch pad at Spaceport America in New Mexico. This ride is in fact one of the many adventures that have come to the space industry that is getting commercialized by the day.

Here’s a concept video for you.

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