Apple iPad Air: Slim Beauty, Hefty Style

October 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

So the iPad Air has seen light of day.  When Apple unveiled its latest devices from its stables at San Francisco a day ago, all eyes were focused on this particular beauty.

What charmed the audience was the thin form factor, for sure. What we have before us now is a thinner, lighter version of the iPad, which is driven by a more powerful processor.

The new chipset, in case you didn’t notice, is a new A7 that provides the iPad Air with up to eight times faster speed than the earlier iPad 4. That makes a huge difference, right?

ipad air

You have played with this 64-bit chip set in the iPhone 5S  already. So be sure that the new addition gives the Air some M7 motion coprocessor strengthened graphics that would make the previous iPad look puny in terms of performance.

The iPad Air is a 9.7-inch high resolution device with Retina Display, and sports a 5-megapixel iSight camera on the rear. Your issue with low-light shots gets solved here.

Video chatting gets an enhancement with the front facing FaceTime HD camera. Sound issues you have been having on earlier versions also get a fix with the dual microphones provided.

The form factor, the weight and the thickness of the new device are something you would prefer playing with. You would love holding it.

At just 1 pound in weight, the iPad Air measures 7.5 millimeters in thickness . That makes it 20 percent slimmer than the predecessor. Meanwhile, the bezel has also got the slimming down effect, getting itself narrower by 43 percent.


The graphics department, as we mentioned, makes the iPad Air 72 times faster than the original iPad in GPU performance.  On the connectivity front is WiFi spruced up with MIMO wireless technology.  However, we hear Apple  wants to use the 802.11n standard.

Power comes from a 32.4-watt-hour rechargeable lithium battery and that would be more than enough to keep it alive for a full 10-hour stint.

When Apple brings the device to retail, we are sure you all would be extremely happy with this fifth-gen iPad from the Cupertino major.  Apple always makes sure its products evolve in tune with the times, and this one is one prime example.

ipad airr

As the iPad Air ships on November 1, you would be able to pick yours in space gray, black, silver or white for $499 (16GB Wi-Fi version).

From the form factor to the cameras to the chipset, everything seems so cool. There isn’t any reason as to why someone would wait to stand in line for the first devices that roll out for sale. What do you feel?

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