Nokia Lumia Android Project Lynched Following Microsoft Deal

September 18, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You would remember, Nokia had been testing Android on Lumia handsets secretly for some time now. And, that is when the takeover of the company by Microsoft happened.

Most probably this secret mission would come to a halt now.

According to a NYT report, Android testing on Lumia phones was inching towards success before the big deal happened.

The officials at the Finnish major have been planning to run their phones on Android platform after the earlier deal they signed with Microsoft in 2011 to run Windows OS in Lumia phones was to expire.


The new deal has forced Nokia to hold Windows OS which failed to attract users, for its latest handsets.

The situation was greatly exploited by rivals like Samsung, and they outstripped Nokia in market share also.

Android phones have gained wide acceptance in the last few years, and the deal with Microsoft greatly affected the Finnish manufacturer who had been in the forefront of the handset market for years together.  It needs to be noted that companies like Samsung achieved wide popularity by manufacturing Android devices.

According to reports, Nokia’s potential OS switch wasn’t mentioned in the acquisition discussions this year.  But some sources claim that Microsoft was aware of the secret experiment by Nokia and they would have thought about the consequences of Nokia’s platform change. And, this could have prompted Microsoft to speed up the big deal.

Both the companies haven’t responded to this piece of news till now. Anyways, the Android-based Lumia phone shall now remain a non starter.

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