Phonebloks Modular Smartphone Concept Could Usher in Better Times

September 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Stop running behind the latest iPhone, and just read this. Have you ever dreamt of customizing and upgrading the hardware of your existing smart phone?

Have you ever imagines that one day you will be able to add a RAM or a better quality camera to the phone you are using at present?

We don’t expect ‘Yes’ as the answer to these queries. . But then, times are changing, and now we have come across a fabulous idea.


Normally all of us buy the latest smart phone and after some period of time when a better handset with some additional features gets released, our phone tends to look obsolete.

All of us want a change. And here comes Phonebloks, a brilliant modular concept smart phone .

The concept born in the brain of designer Dave Hakkens is really awesome. Phonebloks is an upgradeable smart phone with separate parts that can be added or removed as per to the requirements of the user.

If this concept phone turns real, you will never need to dump your smart phone if the camera is broken or the RAM is outdated.

All you would need to do is to remove a few screws and add another good quality hardware or accessory in place of the damaged one.

The concept may not be realistic. Or may be it won’t work. But it’s a really great idea. So we tend to promote this creativity.

Take a look at the concept video posted below.

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