Sony-Panasonic New 300GB Discs Possible by 2015; Could face Rivalry from Streaming Media Segment

July 31, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony and Panasonic have announced a partnership to develop a new format of optical storage discs that will possibly replace Blu-ray, and would boast of at least 300GB storage.

The two companies are in fact said to be planning to release the new optical disc by the end of 2015 .

Currently, dual layer Blu-ray tops at around 50 Gigabytes storage space. When it comes to movies and video games, Blu -ray has proven to be a worthy successor of the mega-popular DVD, which only held around 9GB of data.


But as Hollywood looks at new media formats like 4K, analysts opine that there might soon be a need for greater storage options.

The first 4K film, the 52-minute Timescapes, weighs in at 160 GB of data, and may not be able to be stored in a single Blu- ray disc. But then, if the new addition to the high tech storage arena happens, it could be easily done.

However, the new unnamed disc format could find a worthy rival in a different terrain. Streaming media could threaten the very need for such an innovation, it is felt. We all know that Netflix’s streaming service has helped popularize the notion of on-demand high-definition content, while services like Vudu offer even higher quality versions of films for the true movie buff, who looks towards ultimate quality in what he watches.

With newer streaming video codecs, as well as faster internet service in developing countries, streaming 4K resolution films could soon be viable.

Wonder whether Sony and Panasonic have taken that possibility into account before taking the plunge into making the new media storage experiment work.

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