Apple iOS7 Promise: A Simple, Quick Jerk of the Head Could Take You to Any App You Want

June 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are an Apple fanboy, you have another reason to feel excited. In the very near future, you will be able to control your iPhone and iPad with just gestures. We hear Apple has included gesture control features in its latest iOS 7.

Looking deeper into a post by folks at 9to5Mac, we have reasons to believe that in the redesigned iOS7, Apple has added head movement features that would be compatible with the  iPhone and iPad.

The report also adds that a simple, quick jerk of the head to the left or right, would let users to select apps, get to the home page or even control the device’s volume.




You already know that the beta version of iOS7 was launched during Apple’s annual developers conference a couple of weeks ago and Apple had largely revamped the look and feel of its iOS user interface. Even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admitted that it was the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone.

Last Monday, a second beta version of iOS7 was launched and developers just need to sign a privacy agreement to check the software. Blogs have also posted extensive hands-on previews of the new OS already.

All these hands-on preview reports suggest that the rumors regarding the iOS new design and look are true. It is said that, for this new iOS7, the company has picked a new flat design that gives more simplicity as well as clarity to the platform.

In other words, the new iOS design removes the complexity of the user interface but remains efficient and clutter free.

Again, Apple has revamped everything – including the icons, buttons, and color schemes. It is also said that the screen will take on a 3D appearance and comes with a feature that enables a preview of an app.

The latest iOS7 software would have a swipe feature at the bottom of the device so that you can have a quick access to brightness, volume, airplane mode, Bluetooth and flashlight.


And the head movement feature, the latest gesture control feature on the iOS7, is said to be an accessibility option, which means that users can turn-on or turn-off the feature at will.

Accessibility options are normally provided for those people with vision or hearing disabilities. In iOS7, any user can customize the feature.

Right now, we are unable to say anything more about this gesture control feature. Apple has not revealed any information on the final release date for its iOS7.

But it is expected that Apple final iOS 7 would release during the fall, along with Apple’s next iPhone.  We are already in anticipation mode. How about you?

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