A shirt that reveals your baby’s secrets even while it sleeps

March 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If your baby develops a medical problem when it is asleep or if you are not looking at your new child, you could have a really bad problem on your hands. The real problem is that we can’t ask him (or her), nor he can tell us. To address this problem, a company called Rest Devices has devised an ingenious product called Peeko Monitor. It is a dress that will change the way parents think about, interact with, and learn about their baby.

This dress allows parents to monitor respiration, body position, activity level, temperature, and audio of the baby while he is taking his sweet little nap. The associated smartphone app lets you see your baby’s breathing and sleep wherever you are.

There are provisions for customizable alerts so you’re always informed. With connectivity to your home’s WiFi as a device and fully machine washable as a dress, this is a the most innovative product form Rest Devices yet.


Another of their inventions, SleepShirt, is an absolute revolution in at-home sleep apnea detection. The SleepShirt is a new way to record and diagnose sleep for long periods in the comfort of your own home. At its core, the SleepShirt contains two of the company’s thin-film respiration sensors.

These non-contact sensors measure the movement of the shirt and body throughout the night and provide a complete signal of your respiration. Because there is no electrical contact, the SleepShirt is completely washable and requires no user preparation–there are no sensors or electrodes to attach.

Once the shirt has gathered respiration data for a night, the data is uploaded to the company’s servers, and from there they perform in-depth analysis of the user’s sleep.

Through respiration alone, the company can determine not only if the particular user have apnea, but also how long and how well he has slept. The shirt features 7 nights of recording.

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