App Developers Do Know Where You Live, and More

February 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

People who don’t have an Android phone are becoming rare these days. It looks like almost everyone owns an Android phone. They download lots of apps and whether they use it or not, they keep on downloading them again and again.

It seemed to pose no threats and people seemed to think more the apps, more the cooler they will be. But the alarm bell has truly rang.

Developers are getting all the contact information for each and every download that is happening around the globe. So is that a hole in the Google’s Privacy Policy? Lets look into it.


The information that Google shares include customers’ full names, email and some postal code information and this is not the result of a glitch with its software. Rather it appears to be in accordance with Google’s existing policies for its app store and its Google Wallet payment service though some privacy advocates believe Google has not been clear enough in informing consumers about the practice. Developer Dan Nolan broke the issue online in a blog post on Tuesday stating that this is a massive oversight by Google.

Nolan’s app has been a bestseller on Apple Inc iPhone. Nolan recently released a version of the app for smartphones that rely on Google’s Android OS. He said Google acts as a marketplace when an app is purchased, the transactions occur directly between developer and the purchaser.

This is how the developer gets to know who and from where the customer is from. The only good thing that is coming out from this privacy policy is that with the Google Play, if a customer has an issue with the app and is demanding a refund, the developer can login to Google Wallet and click ‘refund’.

Google Play allows developers to refund customers within Google Wallet directly. The real problem is when the developer’s customer database gets leaked somehow. That’s when the real fire will start and hopefully Google will do something to patch it all up by then.

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