Ouya Controller is Faster and Better Thanks to Devs

January 28, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Ouya controller has been the talk of the tech world for some days now and based on the feedback received from developers, the makers have incorporated many positive changes in the device. The changes are explained in a new blog  on Ouya’s official site.

They have included a move from a ‘disc’ to a ‘cross’ D-pad design, with better grip material on the thumbsticks, a more responsive touch pad and a better battery bay. The alteration done in D-pad is that it has been changed from a ‘disc’ to a ‘cross’ style.

So there won’t be any accidental diagonal moves associated with the controller. It highly enhances accuracy and precision too.


The Dev console thumbstick top caps needed more grip and this necessity was also analysed. It resulted in the addition of a rubberized top which will give better traction and it just feels better than the current design.

Touch Pad has been made more responsive. To make the console more responsive, there is an option in “Settings”.

In that, anyone can set the cursor speed to the fastest level. Two triggers were also added for some sticking around experience as well.

The BatteryBay has been given a perfect compact clip fit and the pull tab will be made from higher-quality materials from now on. So in short, this controller can be said to be the most user friendly controller from any manufacturer yet and if you have any negatives regarding this, do inform the devs as they will find a solution to it.

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