Skype Android App Gets Update Bringing Portrait Calls and Languages

January 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Users who are into video calls using Skype on their mobile devices can ready their app for update. The Skype app for Android tablet hasn’t got many fans because of it’s lack of proper support and inconsistent issues.

To put those little bricks in place, Skype has been updated in the Play Store, bringing forth new languages and better tablet support. The previous update in November improved Skype’s tablet UI, but then video calls didn’t support portrait mode, and only worked in landscape.

While landscape mode works good for some, certain devices like the Nexus 7 comes equipped with a front camera that makes portrait mode as the better way of interaction. Because of this, many users were not keen on using Skype on tablets.


The latest update rectifies that and users can use Skype properly. Although, there haven’t been any major improvements in the video or audio quality and the sound is still not too good, but with increased tablet support, the experience does change a bit.

Future updates might take care of the sound and video quality. The current update states that performance issues have been resolved and that there is a general improvement in the app.

While the app on Android is still not the best, users would have to take what they get for now. Lots more changes are required before the app can get a good score.

If you use Skype on Android, do tell us how the new update helps you.

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