LED Ice Cubes Can Detect Alcohol Intake and Alert You to Stop Drinking

January 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Drinking can be a dangerous activity if you consume too much alcohol, but now a set of LED ice cubes can alert you if you’re on a drinking spree!

Developed by an MIT graduate, these LED ice cubes will sync with the ambient music and sound and it turns green, yellow or red depending on how much you’ve had to drink. The yellow color of the ice cube is a warning and red is a clear sign to stop drinking.

The LED ice cubs can be connected with the drinker’s cell phone and will send an alert text message to a friend.


The working of the ice cubes is very simple. To detect the level of a person’s intoxication, the cubes depend on an accelerometer and a timer. They come encased in a food-safe, jellylike cube.

Dhairya Dand, the developer of this LED ice cubes, took three weeks to make them. His friends, who first joked about the invention, are now interested in purchasing and popularizing it.

Though Dand did not have plans to market the ice cubes in the beginning, after receiving such a positive response he’s now considering a Kickstarter campaign.

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