BlackBerry 10 Handset May See Wraps Go Off on Jan 30th

January 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With BlackBerry10 OS all set   roll out on January 30th, the question as to when will the devices be out have been walking around in the tech world. A leaked image that just got out reveals that February 28th might be the date we all have been waiting for.

This specific release date concerns Canadian carrier Bell, though the phone will most likely launch on additional carriers at the same time if the date is accurate.

RIM had previously said it will announce availability and pricing for its debut BlackBerry 10 devices at the launch event on January 30th. But techies have always tried to know things before they were officially announced.


The leaked image also shows a $799.99 price tag and no official comment from RIM has been reported as yet about these details. According to earlier speculations, RIM could launch around six new BlackBerry phones at different price points.

The BlackBerry 10 release date coincides with a special BlackBerry launch event in New York City. Though it looks like a happy coincidence, we tend to think it could be part of a well-executed market strategy. RIM hasn’t provided any detail on the event, but its tagline says: “Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented.”

And, the company is expected to unveil a full touch-screen device and another that could resemble its current Bold handset. There’s no word yet on the price or what devices will be carrying BlackBerry 10 OS. But all questions are likely be answered at the January 30 worldwide launch event. Stay tuned.

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