Ulric Collette Merges Faces in Photos to Reveal True Emotions

January 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Humans are quite adept at hiding their emotions, with some having a higher degree of mastery over their senses. Often we have to keep a blank face when what we would like to is to scream our hearts out.

Struck on our visage, many a time, are more than one emotions, each overlapping the other, unnoticed by few. And that’s what Quebec-based photographer, Ulric Collette, hopes to unveil.

He has embarked upon a project, moulding it into a series titles Facade, in which he means to present the visual interpretation of the faces that people make, coupled with the real emotion behind the public front.


Collette is a popular and renowned man whose series Genetic Portraits have created a stir globally. He, himself, puts his expertise at photo editing to merge two faces of the same person into one image.

The resulting image does look like something out of a greek mythology, with three eyes, two noses and all. But the reactions or expressions on the two sets of faces are different, with each exhibiting a different emotion.


While at first you may feel a little taken aback with his photos and his models, a closer study would reveal what he is trying to convey. Look at the images at see how the two faces exhibit different reactions.

Each photo has a straight, poker face, while the other reveals the true inner emotion, ranging from anger and joy to disgust and sadness. It’s something everyone can relate to.

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